• Siam Tulip: The economic flowering-plant exported to the global market ranking second in Thailandonly to orchid. It is popular and favorable among foreigners particularly the breed “Chiangmai Phing” to the extent of having been given the alias “Siam Tulip”. This flower has beautiful and eye-catchingcolors and durable.
  • Benefits: It is regarded as the flowering and ornamental plant and some breed of such flower could be scalded to consume with chili pastes, spicy minced meat salad (Laab), raw meat salad (Koi), papaya salad, or cooked in curry. It also acts as a herb for healing wounds and carminative.
  • Propagation: Separate rootstock or sets which will be dormant in winter and summer. The leafing and blooming will emerge in the rainy season and so the peoples call it beautiful “Queen of Rainforest”.
  • The Thailand exportation market will emphasize on high-quality production standard and Good Agricultural Practices for Ornamental Curcuma to ensure the quality and safety throughout the production process: The Siam Tulip breeds which are popular abroad are Chomphu Phing, Doi Tung, Blue Moon, Chonphu Prao, Khao Sunsai, Khiao Morakot, Chiangmai Phing, and other 9 new breeds belonging to “Royal Thai” set, and Maejo Impress, Maejo Sweet, and Maejo Elite.